Monday, November 14

Re-Adjusting: Coffee

I'll have a series of posts coming up that's on how I am re-adjusting to life here in Hong Kong. It'll be bits and pieces of my everyday life: such as joining an expat gym, getting pushed off the MTR by mainlanders, figuring out why I have so many "VIP" memberships from every single retail store, learning how to "turn on" the water heater... 

And it all started with my daily fix of caffeine. 

I've been back in Hong Kong for about a month and I have yet to find a favorite coffee place. Well I guess that wasn't all that unexpected, considering the fact that I am still moving next week and living out of suitcases for a while now.

The problem is - I can't even order a regular cup of coffee correctly!

I was just over at Pacific Coffee Company (only because it's conveniently close but nothing there is that great), and I asked for a coffee to go. Then the cashier asked, "Would you like milk?"

"I'd like half and half instead of milk."

She gave me this puzzled look. So I decided to clarify, "Not milk, but I'd like coffee cream please."

She nodded in acknowledgment. 

2 minutes later, I have a cup of black coffee with whipped cream on top. 

And no. That did not taste good. 




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