Wednesday, December 31

My Top Ten Favorite, Hated & Heartbreaking NBA Moments of 2008

What a year in the NBA. Here is a list of moments that either got me really excited or broke my heart in 2008.

10. Dwight Howard from All Star Weekend Dunk Contest. Birth of Superman!

9. Houston's 22 Win Streak (without Yao for half of those games!)

8. Amare's 49 point game early this season. Why can't you do that all the time?

7. Gasol's trade, and when I say trade I mean free give aways, to the Lakers. Come on, Lakers got the best player from Memphis by giving them their worst (Kwame Brown... who? what?!)!!!!

6. CP3 coming in second in MVP voting! Although my personal MVP would be Nash first then Chris Paul. Kobe would never make my list. The end.

5. Scandal with Donaghy. KINGS SHOULD HAVE WON IN 2002! I KNEW IT!

4. Shaq's trade to the Suns. I cried and whined and complained and bitched about it all year... till the last 2 games when Shaq finally proved his worth for the team. I still think we could have gotten someone that would be a better fit for the team other than Shaq. I wanted Marcus Camby!

3. Celtics beating Lakers for championship! Especially the blow out in game 6. =D I really, really enjoyed it.

2. Roger Mason's 3 pointer against the Suns on Christmas.

1. Tim Duncan's 3 pointer that ruined my team... because of that 3 pointer, we lost the playoff series, we lost Mike D'Antoni and now struggling to redefine the team.

Anyway on the side note, I can't believe 2008 is coming to an end already. Goodbye 2008!

Happy New Years Eve!

Thursday, December 25

Mason, you broke my heart on Christmas

I am a die hard fan of the Phoenix Suns.

Following the rivalry from the last few years between Spurs and Suns, the loss today really broke my heart. Despite our loss, I have to say I am very very proud of Shaq, he has been exceeding my expectations in so many ways that I am slowly (yes, still slowly, although the trade was made almost a year ago now) warming up to having him on our team.

How could we leave anyone wide open on the 3 point line?? YOU KNOW THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO!

I still think the Suns have what it takes to make it through the finals. There are a lot of critics out there doubting the Suns, and there are definitely legitimate concerns and things that need to improve (yes yes defense blah blah blah). But I have faith. We need to stay healthy, be confident, and focus. We can do it.

BTW, please vote for Steve Nash for the All Star Game 2009 on Our MVP deserves to play on his home court on the All Star weekend after everything he has done for the team.

Wednesday, December 24


WEEEEEE! Look at me! I'm a blog!

First things first, I want to explain the title of my blog.

This is a line from one of my favorite songs. I know, I'm not the most creative or original here. But its a line that I have always identified with.

I want to always feel like part of this was mine...

This, could be many things. Most of the time, regardless of where I am or how I feel, happy, sad, etc, I want to always feel like part of what is going on, was mine. Things seem to change so quickly that what you think is yours, or where you think you belong, could all be different. And soon what you think you know, or should be, would become a part of something, or someone else before you know it.

BTW, whoever can identify what song this quote is from, would be my new best friend. Haha.

Merry Christmas everyone.